Joshua C. Pinkston


Joshua C. Pinkston

My Family and Me

I met my wife, Christy, in an elevator at the BLS. We were married a couple of years later in a small town outside of Ottawa, Ontario.

We lived in the DC area until 2009 when I accepted a job at the University of Louisville. There are things we miss about DC and northern VA, but living in Louisville does have its advantages. Christy has the Victorian house she always wanted, and I have a 10-minute commute by foot.

Christy, whose background is in biostatistics and computer science, began working with U of L's School of Public Health and Information Sciences shortly after we moved to Louisville. She currently works as a biostatistician in their Statistical Consulting Center. Her University-sponsored page is here.

Early in 2012, Christy gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Victoria. Victoria is a happy child with a beautiful laugh. She enjoys books and puzzles when she's not busy running, jumping, climbing or playing with our dog, Moki.

Victoria & me at U of L campus event
~Photo taken by Jeff Rushton for U of L. Image source